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Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
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                  Cary, NC

About Camp Canine

Camp Canine was opened in 1996 because we had a dog that we refused to leave in a traditional kennel. When we thought about the reasons for our reservations, we concluded that we would feel more comfortable leaving our dog at a less confining, less routine-destructive environment--more like a canine camp! With that, the idea of Camp Canine was born.

From the beginning we realized how hard it would be to provide a routine that was totally against the flow of a traditional kennel. But we concentrated on how important it was for pack animals to be in an environment that was interactive, social, and allowed dogs to be dogs. Armed with the knowledge of the difficulties ahead and motivated by our sincere desire to create a true camp for canines, we developed a facility and a routine that is unmatched by any other canine care establishment.

Camp Canine history has proven over the years that our routine addresses both the physical and psychological needs of dogs, resulting in happier, better adjusted campers. Dogs do not need to be confined 20 hours a day when away from home, as this idle time causes stress. Camp Canine is not a kennel; we are a benchmark facility specializing in interactive care.

There have been many new organizations attempting to mimic Camp Canine; however, no others have duplicated our meticulous routine or detailed facility design. At Camp Canine we understand the logistical and financial reasons they have not; but believe that the benefits the camper receives with the specialized routine and environment far outweigh the costs. These are only a few examples of the traits that set Camp Canine apart, and therefore it cannot be compared to other kennels, as it would be comparing apples to oranges.

Due to the highly social and active nature of Camp Canine, it is not always the right fit for each dog. If we feel that a camper will not benefit from the structure of camp, we are always honest with owners and assist them in finding another solution.

Our Facility
The unique state-of-the-art building was carefully designed and custom built in 2001.
  • Inside there are 14,000 square feet with no chain link or kennels. The entire building has only rooms for campers.
  • The heating and air conditioning units are separate for each cabin; there are 11 units throughout the facility.
  • Emergency backup power is available.
  • A Honeywell 24-hour security system with 24-hour recording surveillance system and 15 cameras is throughout the facility. Web access to these cameras is available for management.
  • The entire interior flooring system where the campers are is an epoxy surgical-grade flooring that is antibacterial. Two built-in steam cleaning units (one in each wing).
  • 24-hour monitored security and fire protection.
  • Music 24 hours a day inside the entire facility.
  • TVs in the community areas.
  • Windows in 50% of the rooms.
  • Complete workstations with refrigerator and microwaves for campers’ necessities.
  • Over 16,000 square feet of outside play areas for separate grouping.
  • 6,550 square feet of covered outside play areas.
  • Additional ¾ acre opens to an outside play area.
  • NCAD compliance in the outer play areas for ground covering.
  • 6-foot fencing around all outside immediate play areas.
  • 8-foot perimeter security fence around the entire facility, including all outside play areas.
  • Outdoor music during the day.
  • Built-in pool with additional circulation systems for cleaning.

Camp Canine is the Triangle's best and largest facility and to date nothing on the entire East Coast compares.

Our Philosophy and Interaction

Our Camp philosophy, psychological needs are just as important as the physical when caring for animals™, is the foundation of our services. Whether your family member is staying with Camp Canine for the day or as an overnight guest, your camper will enjoy the benefits of our founding philosophy. These benefits include the company of well-screened canine companions, supervision by professional staff, freedom of playing, of sleeping, going outside, or hanging out inside. Members enjoy and participate in special or seasonal activities like swimming, the Easter Bone Hunt and our annual Howl-O-Ween party.

At Camp Canine, we recognize that being away from home and having a new routine can be stressful for many dogs. This is why we use positive methods of care that allow dogs to have confidence in themselves and adapt more quickly while away from their family. This includes providing a superior psychological environment optimized to minimize stress.

All dogs have very different personalities and emotions (just like we do), and they express and process those emotions differently. Our evaluation and screening routines allow us to identify the needs of each dog and implement solutions to enhance the camper’s stay. For example, some campers suffer from separation anxiety. For these campers, we may recommend our community room (with community beds and a television) which is shared by other overnight guests and helps promote a familiar pack environment. This is only for campers we have observed regularly and only available after we have discussed this option and the reasons with the parents. Parents make the final call on booking their camper in this room.

Our practice of individual involvement is the reason we coined the phrase Totally Interactive Canine Facility®.

This is the meaning of totally interactive--not just socializing dogs, or housing dogs, but being involved with each dog on a personal level no matter how many are at camp. This is a characteristic of Camp Canine that has never changed. This is also the reason why we have a 24-hour caretaker and run 2-3 shifts of staff 365 days per year.

About our Members
Perhaps the most unique quality of Camp Canine is that we consider our campers to be our members -not the drivers who drop them off. We know that by maintaining a facility and running a business that puts the dogs first, we will also make their parents happy! What are some of the things we do for our campers?