Camp Canine, Inc.
Interactive Play Facility
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since 1996
Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
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            Cary, Nc

About the Owner

Suzanne Keeys, owner of Camp Canine, Inc., rolled her love of animals, experience with dogs, desire to make a difference, and knowledge of the industry into a unique camping haven for dogs. Prior to opening Camp Canine in 1996, Suzanne owned Canine Emergency Express, the only animal emergency transport in the Cary/Raleigh area. In addition to her full-time schedule as an emergency transport, Suzanne found (and continues to find) time to participate in animal rescue efforts.

It was in her roles with Canine Emergency Express and various rescue events that Suzanne had the opportunity to see a wide variety of establishments that boarded dogs and offered day care and other pet care and rescue/rehabilitation services. Suzanne became acutely aware of the fact that many of these facilities and organizations, though meaning well, did not provide environments that nurtured the animals’ physical and psychological needs. The idea for Camp Canine, a Totally Interactive Canine Experience, was born. The quote that Suzanne has always lived by is from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Do not follow where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Relying on her credentials as an animal care and behavior expert, and the support and encouragement of groups and friends and family, Suzanne opened Camp Canine, Inc. Suzanne's method of thinking and her ability to follow through has made Camp Canine a benchmark facility!

Although Suzanne is an expert in the areas of canine behavior and animal care, she believes that you can never learn too much. She demonstrates her belief of continuing education by remaining current with a host of organizations and enrolling in related courses several times a year. Her current memberships and certifications are:

  • APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • IACP – International Association of Canine Professionals
  • ACAB – Applied Companion Animal Behavior
  • ABS – Animal Behavior Society
  • IAABC – International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • ABAI – Association for Behavior Analysis International
  • CTI – Certified T.E.C.A. First Aid Instructor.

      She works hard to continue her education in related fields and is dedicated to transferring this knowledge to others.

      • Founded PacBehavior® – Dedicated to education. Developed course outlines for teaching animal behavior, Seminars & Workshops. 
      • Founded TECA First Aid™. A totally unique education program for both pet owners and professionals in proper care and emergency handling of pets. Developed course outlines for care, triage and emergency care. Currently teaches courses.
      • Working on legislative changes in NC on “Doggie Daycares”. Goal: Requiring NC business operators to have both background and continuing education in canine behavior, while operating any business that allows group socialization. Currently none exist.

          Suzanne is passionate about nurturing and caring for all animals, as is evident from the long list of rescue efforts she has participated in:

          • Successful completion of Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) training.
          • Co-founder of NCSR, a local group (working with the NCAD) formed to address the issues of a local shelter that was operating below standards.
          • Founder of New Beginnings Rescue – Private all-breed rescue group.
          • Founder of AART - Animal Rescue and Relief Team. Mobilizes for various rescue efforts.
          • Has routinely responded to local needs of missing animals to bring her expertise to fearful animals when capture is difficult.
          • Responded to Hurricane Floyd.
            • Provided Search and Rescue Efforts
          • Responded to Hurricane Katrina.
            • Organized and deployed search and rescue teams.
            • Co-managed a triage unit.
            • Invited by a Homeland Security Rep. to attend the Animal Rescue and Shelter Partners meeting hosted by FEMA in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. This was the initial meeting called to establish a rescue plan for animals on a national level in the “National Response Plan” which is now in effect.
          • Provides temporary foster care for several local rescue groups.

              While it is obvious that Camp Canine, custom designed and built for a unique doggie camper experience, is physically different from other operations (in fact, it's apples to oranges), what is not obvious from the view from outside is how it differs in operation. When Suzanne is asked to give a short answer about the Camp Canine treatment and care of animals, she says:

              We help dogs cope with the stressful situation of being away from home with kindness and not domination or isolation. We strive to accomplish this by providing a nourishing, positive, active, and happy environment.

              Suzanne’s philosophy is the foundation of Camp Canine. Her continuing education and willingness to share information is the glue of the operation. Her kind heart and genuine love of animals reach beyond the Camp Canine family and contribute to the psychological and physical well being of all four-legged friends.