Camp Canine, Inc.
Interactive Play Facility
Overnight & Daycare
since 1996
Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
   Dog Daycare
      Dog Boarding
         Pet Care
            Cary, Nc
Meet the Staff
Chelsea Hughes, Director, Counselor
Nathan Fox, Manager, Day Camp Counselor
Megan Mija, Counselor, Assistant Manager
Susannah English, Day Camp Counselor
Linda Wagoner, Front Desk
Holly Hagino, Front Desk

About the Camp Canine Staff

Camp Canine is a family of dedicated animal lovers who have learned to respect and appreciate pack behavior. Our team members are cross-trained to ensure full coverage. We do not hire people that want a “job”, only people that want a career with animals or are in need of experience for a career involved in the animal world. Several people that worked for us in the past have gone on to veterinary school or other animal careers and have come back to say that what they learned at Camp Canine in behavior has not been duplicated in any other training they received. We hire full time employees and provide them with extensive training. Training areas for team members include:
  • Behavior
  • Animal First-Aid
  • Emergency Care
  • Canine CPR
  • Animal Standards of Care and Regulations

Each team member must complete a series of training modules, both in-class and on-the-job, before advancing to the next level of responsibilities. Junior members are paired with more seasoned members and are never left in charge of a pack. All staff members are certified in emergency care and CPR, and we periodically review first-aid procedures to keep staff prepared.

We are dedicated to ongoing learning and understanding of behavior.  Therefore, our staff regularly participates in educational classes.

Our office staff makes sure that registrations, payments, and questions are all handled. In addition, the office team confers with the counselors to schedule day camp dogs of suitable personalities and temperament for the same days. Many employees are cross trained to work in the office and as a counselor. Overall attitude and enthusiasm keeps a happy environment for all. This makes a difference for the physiological well-being of our campers, and we strive to maintain a happy family.