Camp Canine, Inc.
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since 1996
Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
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            Cary, Nc

Apples to Oranges:

The Camp Canine Difference

Our track record has proven over the years that our routine addresses both the physical and psychological needs of dogs, resulting in happier, better adjusted campers. Dogs do not need to be confined 20 hours a day when away from home, as this idle time causes stress and high levels of separation anxiety. We are not a “kennel” we are a benchmark facility specializing in interactive care. There have been many new organizations attempting to mimic Camp; however, no others have duplicated our meticulous routine or detailed facility design. We understand the logistical and financial reasons they have not; but we believe that the benefits the camper receives with our specialized routine and environment far outweigh the costs. These are only a few examples of the traits that set Camp Canine apart, and therefore it cannot be compared to other kennels, as it would be comparing apples to oranges.

Due to the highly social and active nature of Camp, it is not always the right fit for each dog. If we feel that your camper will not benefit from the structure of Camp, we will always be honest with you.