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Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
   Dog Daycare
      Dog Boarding
         Pet Care
                  Cary, NC
Bob's Animal Rescue Kids (BARK)
Camp Canine has always been involved in the rescue of dogs in one manner or another. We have responded to national disasters as well as worked with local shelters for dogs that are at the end of their time there.

Bob's Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is  set up to help abandoned animals. No officers of Camp Canine are on the board. Camp Canine does not profit from any funds donated to Bob's Kids.

Any dogs that are taken into Bob's Kids are carefully and medically evaluated and follow the same medical and behavioral policies for socializing as we require for our members.

Once the rescue dogs are evaluated they are allowed to socialize while they are at Camp, just like a new member’s dog . We never take chances with a member’s dog and a new rescue. Member’s dogs are perfectly safe with any rescue both medically and behaviorally.

We allow members and specific volunteers to help with rescue dogs at Camp. Anyone that does help is restricted to assisting only with rescues and no member’s dogs. Members also may foster or take rescues on visits if they like. Members that adopt from Bob's Kids also are allowed some discounted or free services to assist in the adoption process. Our counselors can let you know if a particular rescue plays well with your camper.

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We are a donation based rescue and always appreciate the generosity of other
dog lovers.
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Available Adoptables:
If you are interested in meeting any of our sweet rescue babies, please call 919-468-8311 or email us at