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Non-Traditional Dog Boarding
   Dog Daycare
      Dog Boarding
         Pet Care
                  Cary, NC
Liquid Health
As your dog ages, making sure they get the vitamins and nutrients they need is very important. Liquid Health provides wonderful joint care supplement for your four-legged friend.

We have 32oz and 128oz sizes available.

Dog Food

Many people do not realize that a diet can affect mood and behavior in canines, just like in people. A diet low in fiber and high in sugars, for example, may make your dog prone to digestive or anal gland problems and hyperactivity. Both of these physical issues will, in some way, affect behavior.

Camp Canine has done extensive research in the area of dog nutrition and dog food ingredients. We only sell what we would feed our dogs, and our standards are very high. The list below reflects both what we recommend and what we sell. You don't have to purchase from Camp Canine, but do purchase a quality brand that will add value to your dog's life.

If you are interested in one of our products, please ask the front desk staff for more information.

Made with low ash chicken, salmon, or venison and healthy whole grains, these products contain chelated minerals and optimum levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to help strengthen the immune system.


Fresh table-grade meat, whole eggs, whole produce and sprouted, organic seeds are gently baked without man-made or synthetic additives of any kind.

The nature of genuine nutrition. VeRus is a holistic food with no byproducts, no fillers, and no chemical preservatives.