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Extra Services

Airport Shuttle

If you are traveling by airline and need a ride to the airport free of hassle, this should be your choice!

  • Let us know your flight schedule.
  • Arrange your arrival times at Camp with our staff and bring your camper for a fast and smooth check-in.
  • Park your personal vehicle in our parking lot.
  • Phone our camp cell when you land back at RDU, and we will bring you back to Camp for a happy reunion with your camper.
  • If you are using our shuttle, designated check-in and out times are not an issue and no late/early fees apply.
  • $30.00 each way

Our shuttle times are usually 7am up to 9pm. Arrangements need to be worked out ahead of time, and we will work with you in any way possible.


Baths always include ear cleaning.

We can bathe any size camper. We will also help get rid of mats when we see them and are able to remove them. You can have this done while at camp or by appointment on any other day.

  • Small: up to 20 lbs - $20.00
  • Medium: 21 lbs - 50 lbs - $30.00 - thick or long coat add $5.00
  • Large: 51 lbs - 90 lbs - $40.00 - thick or long coat add $5.00
  • Huge: 91+ - $60.00 - thick or long coat add $5.00
  • Staff estimates weights; we do not actually weigh the campers. You can be quoted a rate at check in.

Brush Out

We can do this instead of a bath or in addition to it; just let us know.

  • $8.00 - $22.00 ask for a quote
  • If we have campers with heavy mats we will trim those out. Exceptions may apply.

Nail Trim

No beauty treatment is complete without a little nail pampering. One price fits all.

  • Campers any size - $15.00